Criticism and Hoeneß statements: This is how Kovac defends himself!

This press conference started with an announcement!

FC Bayern are in a crisis. 1:1 against Augsburg, 0:2 against Hertha, 1:1 against Ajax Amsterdam. After the weak game in the Champions League, coach Niko Kovac (46) seemed unusually helpless at the press conference. An expression in the media coverage that did not suit the Croatian. He now made that clear.

Defensive speech by Kovac!

Friday, 13 o’clock at the Säbener Straße in Munich: 45 seconds after the beginning of the press conference before the match against Gladbach the coach takes the floor – even before journalists could ask questions.

Kovac: “I heard something and want to clarify that: If a coach stands up after the game – in this case me – and doesn’t spread a round or pull out his club, but concentrates on what he says – then it has nothing to do with helplessness, but clearly with the fact that you want to look at it all again. Especially since I didn’t see that Ajax’s first goal was a deflected shot. I will certainly never stand up and concrete my players after a game. That will never happen with me. This is my team. So it’s all too understandable that a coach doesn’t immediately headline after the match to please one or the other”.

Kovac goes on the offensive!

President Uli Hoeneß (66) commented on the rotation at Kovac as follows: “It’s up to the coach, he has to decide that. In the end he has to take the rap for it.” A statement that caused a sensation at this time of the season.

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Kovac points out: “I have very good contact with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneß, respectively. I know, because I had also spoken to Uli Hoeneß about this, that was not a criticism, but a statement. A trainer is responsible for the line-up. I don’t even need to mention rotation. After all, we have so many good players where everyone plays. After all, we have practised it successfully. You can’t blame it on the fact that one player played and the other didn’t.”

Kovac goes on the offensive!

In the cabin it boils because of the coach. Among other things, the stars miss a game idea like Pep Guardiola (47) or Jupp Heynckes (73). BILD reported.

Kovac: “No player said that. My player certainly didn’t criticize our game idea. We can’t make the first seven games look like there was nothing there. What there weren’t all superlatives. And all of a sudden there’s no game idea behind it, there’s no structure, no order. With the best will in the world: That’s a bit to smile about. What’s important is that you don’t fool a player with things he didn’t say in that form. You can interpret. Only that with the interpretation is always a matter of interpretation”.

One thing is clear: Bavaria urgently needs a win against Gladbach. Otherwise things will get even more uncomfortable on Säbener Straße. Yako Casino‘s motto is to breathe fun, color and new life into the virtual casino entertainment world.